Work In Progress

This section is special - just for you! It contains snippets of music I am working on and thoughts about what direction I want each track (or collection of tracks) to take.

Please note that all the music you hear on this page HAS NOT been mixed or mastered properly. Hell, they probably don't even have the final sounds in place...some synths acting as placeholders for ideas of melodies. SO DO NOT JUDGE.

All music here is NOT for sharing or re-posting. All soundcloud embeds and links are marked as 'private' and can only be accessed from this page.

You can listen to the tracks on this page by clicking on on the coloured button beneath each track. If you want to leave a comment on the track, click the Listen on Soundcloud button and leave your comment there.


Slated to be one of the tracks added to my Spring 2019 EP, this track is set to grow into something much more of a musical this for updates!


A serious candidate for my next single, this beat is MASSIVE!!! Slated for inclusion on the Spring 2019 EP, but I may change my mind before then!

Only The Good

Another clip that will be expanded into a track for the Spring 2019 EP. Can't wait - and I bet you can't either!

White Hole

The final track earmarked forthe Spring 2019 EP release. Watch how this one shapes up!!!