Work In Progress

This section is special - just for you! It contains snippets of music I am working on and thoughts about what direction I want each track (or collection of tracks) to take.

Please note that all the music you hear on this page HAS NOT been mixed or mastered properly. Hell, they probably don't even have the final sounds in place...some synths acting as placeholders for ideas of melodies. SO DO NOT JUDGE.

All music here is NOT for sharing or re-posting. All soundcloud embeds and links are marked as 'private' and can only be accessed from this page.

I have started to think about my music creation from a 'live performance'/'old school album' perspective. Imagining how one track might flow into another or the mood can evolve over the course of an album or live performance. With that in mind, some of the clips below are intended for use when setting a mood/tone. Enjoy!

You can listen to the tracks on this page by clicking on on the coloured button beneath each track. If you want to leave a comment on the track, click the Listen on Soundcloud button and leave your comment there.


This track is intended to scene-set at the start of an album or live performance. The plan is to start the track on an even quieter note before building to a crescendo before getting into the first track proper.

Sweet as a Nut

Obviously not the final track title! This is shaping up to be a much more chilled track. It makes me think of summer days or sunsets at the beach. I think it would benefit from a nice vocal line over the top.


This track is intended to focus around the beat. The melody and guitar arpeggio are intended to create depth and atmosphere to the power of the beat. This is going to develop into something that is evolving and powerful.

No Distraction

Updated 15/11/2018 The start of my attempt at a pretty standard 4/4 dance track. Quite pleased with this first swing, although the synth line towards the end of the clip is definitely going to change. This is another track where I would like to add a female vocal line over the top as I think it would benefit greatly from it.

Big Time

Possibly one of the most deliciously retro synth tracks I've ever started producing! I am in love with the melody and the groove of the whole piece - however I am really not sure where to go with this next!! Any suggestions in the comments on Soundcloud, would be great.


Simple beat idea with potential for a rap/hip hop vocal line over the top.


Basic idea (requires a LOT of changes) for a rap/rock track. Hip hop/rap vocal line to go over the top of this track once it's been re-imagined.





Strong Style


Ambient Old School

Updated 16/11/2018